Rotavac, the pinnacle of carpet cleaning technologies worldwide

Why Rotovac?

This U.S made carpet cleaning system is the pinnacle of carpet cleaning technologies worldwide.

In the sector of on-site carpet cleaning, customers complaints often stem from poor cleaning methods applied from previous jobs. For example, bad odour, the return of marks and stains, a long wait to dry, and other issues are all which come from poor cleaning methods applied.

With Rotovac, our carpets are cleaned to perfection and dry quickly after application, removing marks and stains and all odours.

In one minute, Rotovac cleans and dries the surface it's in contact with 750 times.

Rotavac machines are built to both vacuum and clean simultaneously. This prevents water from running underneath the carpet.


No Bad


Snipper Carpet Extractor

This carpet extractor is imported from the U.S.

The outer body is made from a durable polyurethane material which protects it from all weather conditions. This protects the machine's interior and gives the Sniper an extended lifetime.

This machine is loaded with a 300 PSI piston pump which grants it the ability to vacuum and clean for hours non-stop. It's strong vacuum prevents water from running underneath and allows the carpet to dry quickly.

It's high performance motors, improved vacuum system and its ability to keep itself cool makes the Sniper an overall winner on many domains.

The Sniper has a heating capacity of 2000 watts. This allows the machine to heat up the solution to 90 degree celsius which is necessary to remove upholstery dirt.

The length of the hose is 7.5 meters which makes it practical when used in large projects..


Hose Legenth
7,5 meters


High Performing

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